Monday, June 4, 2012

Looking for neighbours with a sense of Humour.

Was out in the back yard between showers this morning tidying things up a bit and the little fella next door was also out in his yard with his nan who was child minding as she does a couple of times each week. Anyway, I was chiacking the young fellow as I usually do when I heard his Nan say to him, that he was lucky to have a neighbour with a sense of humour. “Unlike Nan”. This last statement made me think, because although I don’t know Nan well enough to know what her humour is like, I do know that the Tradesmen who were working on our kitchen renovations for a few weeks a little while back, had a low opinion of her. Which made me wonder if the reason that “Nan” doesn’t get on with her neighbours may have as much to do with her attitude to them, as it does with theirs to her. But that’s enough about “Nan”. How about you? Are you getting on with your neighbours and work mates? Or do you too think that “THEY” need a major attitude adjustment? Maybe they do, I really can’t say, but maybe, just maybe, it may just be that they think the same thing about you, and again just maybe they are thinking that it is you and not they who really needs an attitude adjustment? So! The next time you are tempted to rail against your neighbour or workmates, or whoever, just check, and maybe even adjust your own attitude first, before you act or speak. What do you say? Will you give it a go? Or will you simply carry on as now and continue to blame everyone else? Yes: if you really want a neighbour with a sense of humour, start being one yourself! Over to you now.

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