Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking and swimming

Went the other day to see a young man run in a 24-hour marathon and met his main support man, who was a Walker himself, but was only getting back into walking after a long layoff through an ankle Injury, (so was not competing himself that day in the concurrent walking event).
Tell me, what would you have been doing in the meantime if that had happened to you? Sitting back and moaning about it and putting on weight.
Well this young man did put on weight, but intentionally so. For you see, as he could not walk for too long on his ankle, he took up swimming to strengthen it again. And obviously not being one to do things lightly, he set himself the task of swimming the English Channel.
To do this he had to put on the extra weight to give himself some body fat protection against the cold, and also had to find a support team and money etc. But the thing is, that when he found he could not do one thing he loved, he didn’t whinge and complain and sit back and expect sympathy. No! He simply changed his focus, albeit at considerable cost and effort, and set himself a new target. A target that he also met, and he has also since lost that extra weight and is now back easing himself back into His first love of Walking again.
So again what about us when obstacles and set backs present themselves? Do we just give up and sit back and moan and complain?
Or like this young man, do we just adapt and change our focus for a short time, even if it is uncomfortable and costly, and set and meet other objectives, and returning if possible, to our original goals when and if possible later.
Again something to ponder on for today.

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