Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walkers & Runners

Recently went to see someone participate in a 24 hour Marathon out at the Harold Stevens Athletics track at Coburg. They actually had 4 separate events happening at the same time. They had men and Ladies groups running and Men and Ladies groups walking around the same course at the same time.
These people supposedly run/walk for fun but are also very competitive. Yet, can still co-operate together. The runner we went to see, had as his main support team, a Walker who had been injured and is only now getting back into walking again, but was not competing here but satisfied to help someone else and a runner and not a fellow walker to compete and to give of his best.
What about us? Are we as prepared to help others when and where we can, or we so competitive that we will not help anyone and especially someone outside of our own discipline?
Just something to think about for Now!

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