Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have you ever created a Neologism?

Some, not so nice people, might argue that some of my spelling attempts might almost qualify as neologisms, but sadly none of my creatively spelt words have ever become neologisms. At least not to my knowledge, that is. So what exactly is a neologism you ask?
Well, according to the Word of the Day for Monday, April 12, 2010, neologism is one of the following: 1. A new word or expression.
2. A new use of a word or expression.
3. The use or creation of new words or expressions.
4. (Psychiatry) An invented, meaningless word used by a person with a psychiatric disorder.
5. (Theology) A new view or interpretation of a scripture.
Usually with the creation of any new word, it takes a while for it to, not so much for it to come into common speak, but also to be accepted as a worthy word acceptable to all, and not just some common vulgar slang expression.
So what neologisms do you use? Note, I didn’t ask what neologisms you invented, but which neologisms do you use?
In other words, do you use new words all the time and thus regularly expand your vocabulary? Or do you still use a minimal vocab, because you are afraid to use new words for fear of sound precocious or pretentious, or even some other reason like fear of spelling it wrong?
Again you and I may never invent or create a neologism, but that should never stop us from using them either. So what say you today? What neologism or new word to you will you introduce into your common vocab now? Over to you for now.

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