Friday, August 21, 2009

What Constitutes a successful Day For You?

This “For Better Or For Worse” Cartoon Strip by Lynn Johnson from July 25, has a series of panels where the mother is busy playing, looking after and cooking for her children. Then there is a panel of her tucking her son into bed and saying to her, “ Well, I’d say it’s been a very successful day.” Then in the final panel she adds tiredly, “…The kids wore out before I did!!!”
Is that how you too are currently assessing a successful day? That things or other people, wear out before you do?
Or are you really on top of things, and rather than always running after others, are you able to get on top of things first and then work to some sort of plan, (even a very rough one) where you can run things to some sort of organization and desired end result, other than where someone (whether you or them) simply wears out first?
Yes what do you need to change either in your life, your planning or your application that you need to work on now? Your thoughts please?

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