Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rightly Using The family Name.

Heard just recently of the passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver at the age of 88. Unlike her more famous brothers and her even more famous daughter, (Maria Kennedy Shriver Schwarzenegger) one didn’t hear all that much of Eunice during her lifetime in the popular press or media.
Yet she evidently used her family name and clout to achieve much for a once forgotten part of society, the mentally ill. Yes It was initial concern for her own sister Rosemary, that got her interested in this group, but it was genuine concern for others like her, that attracted Eunice to try and do something for their upliftment. And it was due in no small part to her support, that the Special Olympics came into being in America (from 1971), and internationally (from 1988).
Yes what was started as a small Summer camp in1962 with the support of Eunice and many, many others, this small project became an international event that now has almost 3 million athletes in more than 180 countries.
Talk about using your family clout for the popular good! With her family’s great wealth and fame, Eunice didn’t need to do anything, (Akka Paris Hilton) or she could have used her family name and wealth for Political or personal achievements, but she chose to do otherwise. To help the unhelped!
What about you and I? We may never have that clout or success, but like Eunice, we too can start off small and see where it leads. Yes we too can use our family name (such as they may be), for our own good, or for the common good. Which will you use yours for?

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