Thursday, August 20, 2009

From where do you draw your Incentive?

In this carton from “For better or for worse” by Lynn Johnston, we see the wife sitting on the couch in a daze with her young son standing near her, and her house a complete mess, with fingerprints and ice-cream on the wall and everything out of place! To which she announces: “ I don’t want to clean up this place … It’s a dump … but I have no incentive.” In the next scene she is on the phone dialling a number and her son asks, “Whatcha doin”, Mom?” To which she replies, “Inviting someone critical over for dinner …”
So how do you draw incentive when there is none? Do you just ignore the situation and wallow in it? Or do you, like our character here, do something positive and create incentive where there is none?
So if, like our character above, you are feeling down in the dumps today with no incentive, don’t stay there, and please, definitely don’t moan and complain to others about it, but get up and do something positive about it, even if you have to create the incentive yourself!
What say you now?

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