Friday, December 29, 2006

Tracks, tracks & more tracks.

I was up at the old family home today and went for a walk with my oldest daughter and the dogs. We started off along the old vehicle track that goes up around the small dam and above the back of the house. Or rather we started along this track, before branching off onto a newer extension, just above the dam, that took us to the top of the hill. We then walked along and across the top of the hill before crossing a small gully and coming back along the private road.

As we crossed the gully and approached the road, there were the distinct, wide and shallow track, where the Kangaroos come down from the hill on one side and cross the road onto the opposite hill. A bit further on we even saw half a dozen hop away from us, even though it was in the middle of the day!

Further down, nearer to the house was another track, narrow but very deep, up the hill off the road, made about 10 years ago by young neighbours on trail bikes repetitiously using this track to ride on. This last track, was made years back and although not used for a long length of time even then, nor since but because of its depth, remains quite distinct and obvious; even dangerous. Unlike the kangaroo’s track, which although used constantly over the past decade and a half or so, is wide and shallow and would soon disappear from sight if the Kangaroos were to move to another spot to cross.

I don’t know for sure but suspect that the original track around the dam and house has probably been there for over a hundred years or so in some form, and originally used by horse and Dray. I do know that the Ness Brothers cut, or widened it; back in the 1950’s when dad had them bring in their small Bulldozer to deepen the original dam there. Since then because of minimal usage and slippage the banks have given way and encroached on the width of the track, making it unusable for vehicle usage, but still usable on foot. Because it no longer suits modern vehicle usage, one section used in later years by my brother to get Firewood out, has been widened a few times, and extended in another direction.

I don’t remember all the times it has been “worked” on but one time that I do remember, was back in the 90’s and by my father with pick and shovel, whilst recovering from a recent heart attack. The most recent time, just recently too, by my brother nearing 60, also with pick and shovel, and not that long after recovering from open heart surgery!

This convergence of tracks today got me to thinking of the tracks that each one of us leaves behind. Whether they be visible or invisible.

Will the track or trails we leave behind us be of the kind that although never used now, still leaves a deep, dangerous and ugly scar on the country side?

Or will our tracks be like the Kangaroos, distinct now, but easily erasable when we have moved on?

Or will they be like the original track, a permanent trail for others to follow, even if they have to adapt it for future usages not original envisaged by us.

What track are you using now?

One of your own or one used by those before you but perhaps in need of widening work by you? Or perhaps one that needs an extension built off it?

If so, don’t be afraid of the hard work that may be required. If my dad can use a pick and shove in his mid 70’s whilst recovering from a heart attack, just think what you can do in your own present condition. Think on that till next time: Walter

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