Saturday, December 30, 2006

Are you a plant growing where you are not wanted?

The other morning I had a few minutes to spare and so I decided to rearrange the pot plants around at the front of the house, by removing some to out the back to regrow or re-flower before moving them back again when they are in their best condition.

Doing so I noticed one particular pot plant still had its original planted plant in it. Plus another variety that had grown there by chance from a seed that had blown in there.

Right there and then I had a dilemma that I had to decide on. What was I going to do? Both plants could not stay there. One had to go. But which one and where?

In the end it wasn’t too difficult as I preferred the original plant and I already had enough of the blow in plant, so instead of removing one or both plants to separate pots, I simply pulled the intruder out and threw it away.

Although the decision was ultimately easy to make it still seemed a waste of a good plant to me and I wondered about the waste of an otherwise valuable plant.

This then led to me wondering about people in general and people within the Church in particular. And I started to wonder how many people there may be that are otherwise wasted because they are growing in the wrong place.

By the way, do you know what to call a plant growing in a place where it is not wanted? Although it may sound harsh and unkind, the Dictionary definition of, any plant growing in a place where it is not wanted, is, “a Weed”.

It doesn’t matter how good or valuable that plant may be in another place, if it is where it is not wanted, it is a weed.

So what about us? What about you and me? Are we weeds? Or are we growing in the right place?

I don’t have the answer to that for you, so will leave it with you to think on. Walter

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