Sunday, December 31, 2006

Are you a plant falling apart?

The other morning I again had a few minutes to spare and so I decided to refresh and rearrange the pot plants around at the front of the house. (An ongoing exercise!) Some I simply moved around and others I completely removed to around the back to regrow or re-flower etc, before possibly moving them back again when they are in their best condition.

Doing so I noticed one particular succulent pot plant stuck in a corner. At first glance it looked okay and I intended to leave it there, but in moving others around I eventually had to move it.

As I said at first glance it looked healthy and hardy enough to stay there but as soon as I picked up the pot, the plant literally fell apart in my hands.

On closer inspection, one part at the back was dead. Another part had become too top heavy and fell off when moved leaving just one thin new shoot still growing. The dead part I threw away, the broken off part I pruned and replanted in another pot and also pruning the living shoot I left the lot out the back to recover unhindered.

Later that same day I spoke to a person who used to go to our church but has since worshipped elsewhere, whilst retaining his membership with us. He seemed happy with the present situation but when we suggested moving his membership to there, it was like watching the earlier plant fall apart in my hand.

He looked happy with his new situation but when “touched” fell apart, showing that whilst there was seemingly plenty of growth (new Church), he still had a part of his roots at the old church, and when examined more closely, his “works” were dead, and fell away.

Enough of me and him! What about you? How are you traveling/growing? Are you really healthy and thriving and up to a move if God desires so?

Or are you really struggling and just “hanging on” despite an outward show of bravado and success?

Can I move you today to examine you?

If so, did you pass the test with flying colours, or do you need a rest to recuperate and re-grow again?

Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 11: 28 to 30. “Come to me …”

Remember too, no Christian and no Church can help you. Only God through Jesus Christ can.

Walter is good. (Sometimes even very good! But not often enough!)

Yes Walter can be good. But Walter is not God! And neither are you.

So go to God and go now: Walter

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