Saturday, January 6, 2018

It's Dangerous

Our Daughter and her 3 children were holidaying with the other Grandparents last week down at their Holiday/Retirement home near the Beach. The House has two stories and lots of steps and Mr. 22 & ½ months loved to run up and down the stairs - much to his mother’s great concern; and she obviously told him many times, “its’s Dangerous.  I say obviously, because on Monday morning while at our place he came out with the phrase, “It’s dangerous”.  Which did surprise me a little bit but not half as much as I was surprised when I realized that he was using it in context with another situation which was also potentially dangerous. At the end of our block of units is an old concrete path that is wobbly and crumbling and he was on a small piece of it that was wobbly and only held to the rest of the block of concrete by the reinforcing wire. So there he is rocking on this small unstable piece of concrete proudly and loudly telling me “It’s dangerous”. It didn’t stop him from doing what he was doing but at least he realized it was potentially dangerous.

After I got over the shock of him at that tender age actually knowing and acknowledging the fact that what he was doing was dangerous, I was also intrigued that it didn’t actually stop him doing it still. Which kind of reminds me of a lot of adults too, who readily admit what they are doing is dangerous but also have no intention of stopping despite the potential and obvious dangers they see. But what about you now? Yes as we now start to get serious about the New Year ahead of us, what is it that you are doing that you realize and acknowledge “Is dangerous” and that you are now going to stop and change? Over to you now for your reflection- and action.

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