Monday, January 15, 2018

Eating Dog Biscuits?

I usually buy the wider family and casual friends’, boxes or tins of cheap Shortbread biscuits for Christmas. While doing that last year I saw some more expensive genuine Scottish Short bread biscuits in the shape of Scottish Terriers and knowing that a nephew of ours and his partner had a Scottish Terrier, I splashed out and bought them a box of these dog shaped biscuits. Which they though was cool.

Well someone gave me exactly the same dog-shaped biscuits, and so last week when our Grandchildren wanted something to eat but were being precious about what they wanted to eat, I opened the packet of Biscuits and let them try one each. Which they did and liked very much. So much so that when their mother arrived they proudly told her that they had been eating dog biscuits and that they were yummy. Well, our poor daughter! The look on her face was priceless. The horrified look only relaxing when we told her that they were in fact dog-shaped Shortbread biscuits which were indeed very yummy. Just shows what happens when what you think you heard, is not what the person was saying or meaning,  and the importance, for us older folk at least, to be clear ourselves when speaking to everyone; both young and old, and always saying what we mean and meaning what we say. And also the importance and value of asking clarifying questions if we have any doubts at all over what we heard or thought we heard.

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