Friday, September 2, 2011

How will you be remembered? Another view!

In my recent Blog, (How will you be remembered?) I wrote how our honorary Nephew from Transkei in South Africa, remembers me. There, he first referred to me in passing as “the husband of a woman who makes the most divine roast pork and apple sauce my taste buds have yet come to know!”
Fortunately this lovely young friend of ours, unexpectedly also had added directly to me:
“I must say though, Uncle Walter, even though you have been back in Australia for 10 years I still think of you as a Transkeian, man from Mthatha (or as we once knew it, Umtata).
I will come down eventually, Uncle Walter... eventually. ;-)”
Needless to say, even though I did say it in the other blog too, I was quite chuffed about this unexpected compliment, which means a lot coming from one who doesn’t give compliments willy-nilly.
Anyway, the very day I wrote that blog, and completely unconnected to that, I found this posted on my Facebook page from a real nephew of mine:
“Some people call him a "god-botherer" or a "bible basher". Walter Gordon Parker may be both of these, but i respect him a hell (haha) of a lot. He posts some interesting stuff, and with our views being almost completely opposite, he gets a lot of stick from me regarding his views, but he may have a powerful friend up there and I may need him to put in a good word for me one day. :)”
Now perhaps not as chuffed by this remembrance as the other, I was still quite pleased with it. For, whilst I have to rather ashamedly admit I probably don’t bother God enough with my prayers and although I have too much respect for the Bible to actually bash anyone with it, it is nice to know I am still respected for my beliefs even if they are in total opposition from someone else’s. And I guess when all is said and done, if that is the best I can achieve, then it is certainly better than the alternative. So again. How will you be remembered? Whether by family or friends: With fondness or respect, if remembered at all? Again over to you for Now.

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