Monday, September 5, 2011

How do you handle mistaken identity?

Was reading in the Melbourne Herald Sun on August 29 that “English born Aussie actor Nicholas Bishop is used to being asked for autographs in Hollywood, except for one problem… they think he is Simon Baker.”
I also thought that momentarily when I first saw Him on “Body of Proof” when it first started here in Oz! Although both Baker and Bishop are Aussie actors that started on Aussie shows, neither was familiar to me then. I first became aware of Baker when he was in the Guardian, as it was a favourite show of my son. So at least I can recognise Simon Baker when I see him now. So, when I first saw “Peter” on Body of proof, although I did initially also think he was Simon Baker, It wasn’t too hard to realise he wasn’t, even if at first glance there are some similarities. But apparently not everyone is that observant and according to the same paper, “Bishop said being mistaken for the handsome Aussie Mentalist star has become a bit of a running joke.
“I’m always saying “Sorry I’m not that guy” and go on my way,’ Bishop said. And then last week one guy said, ‘Oh, so you’re not Peter from Body of proof?’ I ran back!”
Can’t say I am overly taken by Bishop’s acting abilities, but he sound s like a great and humble bloke to me. Humble enough to not want to take credit for someone else’s work, but great enough to accept proper praise when it is properly given!
How about us in a similar situation? Would we be so humble, or simple sign our real name and let them wonder why it doesn't match what they thought it should be? Or worse, get into a real snit because they didn’t’ properly recognise us? Or like Bishop, give credit where credit is due without fuss, but also graciously accept credit when it is properly given? Again, just a little something to think about for today!

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