Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All your own choosing?

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, (15/12/2009) it has two men in a shop. One, a bachelor guiding the married man in buying a present for his wife.
The conversation goes: B. “A pearl necklace would be perfect” H. “Are you sure?” B. “Absolutely”. Get her something simple and elegant. That one for instance, is quite lovely.’ Turning to the salesman the bachelor, says: “Yes, that will do nicely. Can you gift wrap it for my friend, please?" Sales man: “My pleasure.” The S.M. then turns to the husband and says: “Your package sir.” H. “Um … thank you”. Then, as they are outside the shop and going home the bachelor states, “Trust me John. Elly will be thrilled that you chose and wrapped something like this yourself!”
Ever find yourself in a similar situation? A situation where it seems like you are in charge, but in reality, someone else, often with no real experience to your own situation, is really pulling the strings?
True sometimes this can be quite helpful and appreciated and even right. But many times it can also be unhelpful misguided and totally wrong.
Oft times what is right and appropriate for one person’s situation is totally wrong or inappropriate in another, isn’t it? Just something to also think about when offering help too, isn’t it?

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