Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This blog is of more relevance to my e-mail recipients than to anyone on here, but I put it out here for your understanding anyway. Thanks TOWGP
As well as writing a few blog items myself, I also forward on a lot of other emails and blog items on to friends and acquaintances that I think interesting or funny. Sometimes though, these people think I have written things that I haven’t, and have given me credit I don’t deserve, or even want for that matter.
So, to try and resolve this problem for the Future, I thought I would simply attach the initials of my name to the articles I write in future.
However, and also noted in earlier blogs of mine, (“Who is W.G.P?” & “The Other W.G.P.”), there is another writer well known for writing pithy sayings for Desk Calenders out there, who already uses WGP as his signature. And even though he is long deceased, his writings still appear regular on Desktop calendars.
So instead of using my initials to solve my original problem, I would, at best, only be making things more confusing and worse. And at its worst, it could even be seen as deceptive.
So, to solve my problem, I am henceforth going to sign my own writings with: TOWGP. Or in full: “The Other W G P.” TOWGP. Bye for now. TOWGP

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