Monday, December 27, 2010

Do you really think everything really through?

Was watching the Australian version of “Who do you think you are”, last night and the young chap was told by his father that his grandfather might have had strong Mafia connections in the USA. So he heads off there to find out. Before he goes he says that he is not concerned about having Mafia connections and is comfortable with that. However, when he gets there and meets a former FBI agent who tells him all what one must do (Including being involved in some form in an actual murder) to be come a major player (which his Grandfather apparently was) this young man suddenly becomes very uncomfortable with the thought that His grandfather had been involved in a real murder!
And I’m sitting hers and saying, “Hello!” What did you think the Mafia was? A ladies knitting and croqueting club?” The mere mention of the name should have conjured up a group involved in all sorts of nefarious and illegal activities at some stage, even if not now. Things from extortion, racketeering, prostitution, drugs, money laundering, murder and a few others that I have forgotten.
So just hearing the word Mafia should automatically ring warning bells to the average person. Sadly some, it seems, still have a romanticised understanding of the Mafia. Probably because like this young man previously, they had had no personal dealings with it and thus have not experienced the real “Mafia” menace.
All this got me to thinking that the same is probably true about us too and although very few of us would have mafia connections, there are still probably many dangerous things around us that we are not seeing in their true light and thus have a skewed if not romanticised view and understanding of them and not seeing them as they really are. And when we do we like this young man above, get a real shock.
So, as we quickly come to the end of one year and head into another, what things, people or even ideas, do you need to seriously look at until you see their real nature? And will you do this now while there is perhaps still time not to get completely sucked into them and their way of life? Over to you now for reflection and hopefully positive action.

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