Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is your current prejudice?

When we came back from South Africa in 2002 and brought a car here, we started using the local Mechanic in Ringwood that our oldest daughter used, who in fact was technically an Auto electrician who worked out of a small factory next door to a Brake and Clutch mechanic. And between the two there wasn’t too much that they couldn’t fix when it came to car problems. Then our youngest daughter also took her car there and all was happy for many years, but then late in 2008, the oldest daughter bought a late model Mazda and we, a new Mazda and we both took them to the Mazda dealer. At around the same time our youngest bought a late model Holden and our Mechanic/auto electrician decided to give up his business and go and work for wages next door at the Brake and Clutch place. At the same time our Youngest independently decided that she wanted to take her Holden to a Holden specialist. So that is how, although we all used the same mechanic, we all left him but not because of any fault or weakness of his.
Well the youngest took her Holden to the Local Holden specialist a couple of times and wasn't very happy with them or their service and so when a sudden problem occurred after Christmas with the ignition, 5 days before she was planning to drive up to Townsville, some 36 hours driving time away, she decided to go to another Holden dealer, but they couldn’t do it for four days, (a little over 24 hours before she wanted to leave) and that it would cost her $300.
So I suggested that she go back to this other mechanic, where our mechanic now works and just get their opinion on the matter. So we did and they were open first day back after the Christmas break, and although our Mechanic wasn’t there, the Boss of the place worked out what the problem was, and said that whilst he could do it, they were really busy and it really was a locksmiths job anyway. So he checked that the locksmith he used was open and we went around there.
But all the way there the youngest was saying, “BUT IT IS NOT RIGHT TAKING A CAR TO A LOCKSMITH! A CAR NEEDS A MECHANIC. “
Anyway as her options were rather limited, she went. However after speaking with the people there, who immediately knew that her Holden was an Astra around the year 2000 model and that they had a stack of Ignition cylinders for most makes and models of Cars, she was much happier about them “fixing” her car. And less than an hour’s work and only $135.00 later, she was one very relieved and happy young lady.
I think that left to her own devices she would not have gone to the locksmiths but waited till the last minute for the $300 fix. A decision that not only would have cost more for no better a job but left her stressed for those extra 4 days.
All of which made me wonder what prejudices I might have, that are also irrational and illogical when you really think about them. After all where else would you go for help with a problem with a lock and key, but a locksmiths, even if the key and lock belong to a Car?
So I just thought I would start the New Year with the thought that perhaps all of us should re-evaluate our current prejudices anew and see if perhaps they too are irrational and need changing. What do you think?

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