Monday, November 2, 2009

Are You Hypocritical Too At Times?

This is another blog inspired by a “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston. This one has the young son counting his haul of Candy after Halloween night. (“7 Gumballs, 3 Toffee bars, 1 Bag Cheeze –o’s, 30 jelly beans …”, when his father who is a Dentist comes in and says, “ Unbelievable! Just look at all that awful Junk and goes into a rant saying, “ As a Dentist, I should make a formal complaint about all the candy that’s consumed on Halloween!!!”
Meanwhile his young son is unperturbed and keeps counting His goodies, “! Minty stick, 1 bag of Liquorice loops, 1 bag of popcorn balls…”, as his father keeps ranting about the damage of junk food high in sugar, and then the son makes a discovery. “Hey just a minute.. Then after a bit of frantic searching comes the anguished cry, “ I ha d2 whoopee bars, they’re GONE!”
At which point the father becomes very silent and red faced! Yes despite his rants against Junk food Candy, he too had no real problems of eating it despite his professional knowledge beliefs and rants.
How about you and me? Are we too sometimes like that? No something is wrong, even if just in the excess of off, and even warn others even strongly of the dangers, but still continue to indulge in that hurtful or unhelpful deed? What say you now?

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